September 30, 2021

  - My Naina and her toothless smile in the morning... just about makes my day every time.

- her passport size photo.. haha and those big naughty eyes with a massive grin! Lil gunda!

- i hate when she cries.. but she does look adorable with those big tears..

September 29, 2021

  - My N and V have quite a chemistry. they go for morning strolls together.. love this ritual.

- V seems happy now after a lot of stress... what else can I ask for.

- my sibling call her everyday to chat with her... how cute.

September 28, 2021

 - My father and my daughter.. best friends it seems. so adorable.. they chat and play together.. she adores him!

- V looked so cute in his green shirt. I <3 him!

- my mom and her food.. no matter what i do, i cannot acquire this skill :)

September 27,2021

- She has so much to say.. my daughter, my joy <3

- yummy food cooked by my mother.. aaloo gobhi sabzi with parantha.. loved it!

- I ate jalebi after almost 2 years! Thanks mom dad for getting it for me! 

September 26, 2021

 - I have spent considerable amount of time thinking about slow life and mindful living.. and I am starting to do that in a big way! Thankful for the awareness!

- Lil monkey smiles at me all day long! Either she loves me too  much or thinks I am a clown.. haha. Either ways I am happy!

- Exploring the area I live in slowly and I love it here! Peaceful

September 25, 2021

 - that toothless laugh.. yes she laughs :) 

- she adores her papa... one can see it in her eyes... papa also absolutely loves her.

- just a nice slow day and life is what I wanted and I have <3

September 24, 2021

 - What is this new language of screeching and brr  brr.. haha love it!

- she got scared of a table moving... adorable lil munchkin

- the smiles at night when i pick her up.. makes it all worth it..