April 28, 2021

 - I witnessed something hilarious today... my mom is the cutest! she loves desserts.. the most amazing expressions when I asked her to remove something from the cart! haha

- My darling husband.. V, so tolerant. I am increasingly mental these days and I try to control it, but I must give credit where its due <3. I love you!

- This lil pup... so much joy and fun comes with it... everyone is waiting! You stay safe and come home nicely baby <3

April 27, 2021

 - Woke up to a lot a lil thap thap and kicks and bumps.. what a cutie monkey I have. Keep at it lil thing, It's my most fav part of the day!

- Dolphin movements- hahaha.. like a lil submarine! what a cutie!

- we got some essentials for a pooja for my pup.. i am excited about it :)

April 26, 2021

 - Went for a walk and met Eddy, the cutie lil beagle in my apartment complex. It ran and jumped on my... Met my pup also briefly. Adorable.

- Now we are dreaming of the day when we can get my pup another pup. how cute will they be together.

- Another walk and some more conversations with my V. What would I do without him.. He has a lot on his mind but hardly talks about it. I hope and wish he is not overly worried or overthinking things... I do wish he talks to me and shares what he feels... but that wont happen. That's just not him. I have made my peace with it. I do keep an eye on him though!

April 25, 2021

- I woke up at 5 am thinking about the food today. I am always uber excited about south indian food day!- Day full of goodness- Idli, Sambhar, Chutney, Dosa and some more dosa! I overate and slept.

- Strange movements which made me nervous... but thankfully my parents and husband are here <3

- By evening time, things were normal and peaceful again. 

April 24, 2021

- Baby's journal is finally here, after a super long wait. And its the cutest thing ever! I cannot wait to record everything this lil monkey does. Exciting times ahead.

- Some adorable lil bath toys also arrived. cannot wait to use it with my pup. <3

- A lil walk around the park with my monkey... I asked him a heavy duty question. Funny thing is, I never got an answer, just a bunch of funny reactions. He is adorable. I also love how simple he is.. 

April 23, 2021

 - I ate khichadi, after one year! I am so content and satisfied! I know its not a big deal and most people don't even like this dish... but for me it was a very satisfying meal. Thanks Ma!

- Puppy's blanket is now done, courtesy, Didi. So cute.. definitely a keepsake.

- Feeling much much better after a week of recovery! I feel somewhat myself again.

April 22, 2021

- waking up to this beautiful cooing by a Koyal! Please remember we live in a city, in India... so these things are a luxury!

- Saw this much awaited movie with my mom on Netflix... left me with some thoughts about relationships and life.. was a serious movie.. but did have a positive ending to it.

- Aparajita has sprouted and people in my house are elated! We all love plants.