July 28, 2018

- I can see the moon every night from my window, bedside!
- my morning chai, its my fav part of the day. Some habits are good.
- let go, let it all go!

July 22, 2018

Its been a while since I wrote. But I haven't failed to notice 3 beautiful things in my life all these years!

- Summer holidays have been great. After a LONG time I have had a proper detox, no agenda holiday and I am enjoying it thoroughly

- the joy of cooking! I tried a new recipe - Eggplant curry with coconut- was yummy!

- I can see the moon from my bed, how lucky am I!

writing, good times, no agenda

Dated: December 21, 2014

-  I  love my Sundays with no agenda :D

- for the love of writing... its been a while

- good times spent at home with people I love!


Dated: July 27, 2013

- art supplies! yay! colors make me smile always

tiny boat on the lake, friends, caramel pudding,

Dated: July 26, 2013

- I woke up today in the morning and stepped out into my balcony. a beautiful tiny boat on the giant lake.. the boat looked calm 

- its always good to spend good times with friends!

- nom nom... awesome pudding my love!

sunshine, rainbows!, poster!

Dated: July 25, 2013

- sunshine: nothing beats a beautiful sunny morning after three days of heavy rain! 
- rainbows: I don't know what it is about a rainbow but it always brings a smile to my face and I feel super excited to see one! like a child :D
- poster fun! wanna buy loads of em.. all vintage

rain, lake view, yellow wall

Dated: July 24, 2013

- I could finally smile at the sound of rain!

- view from my balcony! i just love the lake!

- the bright yellow wall, I stare at it all the time!