tortoise, sky, six strings

Dated: June 10, 2010

- lovely tortoise made of coconut shell

- love the color of the sky, cloud laden

- and vikkoo playing guitar in the background

chaat, re-org, nonstop

Dated: June 9, 2010

- love eating the chaat and gol gappas everyday

- re-arranged the whole house

- non stop talking

road trip, beach, konark-puri

Dated: June 8, 2010

- Love the road trip after so many years

- yay! beach :D Puri is so awesome

- On my way to konark from puri, I saw this excellent beach just next to the road , its splendid!

vikkoooo, combo, froggie

Dated: June 7, 2010

- Vikkkoooooooooooo :D

- Guitar + Rain+ Music+ Chai

- Cutie frog that decided to show and scare the shit out of me.

golgappas, gyaan, 14

Dated: June 6, 2010

- Golgappas :D yumm.. love them

- papa giving gyaan on somethin.. sweet

- 14 hours of sleep..whoa its been quite sometime!

my house, food, therapy

Dated: June 5, 2010

- Yay! love my house.. cute lil balcony, excellent view :D

- Home cooked food :D

- home therapy- gardening, cleaning, cooking, helping out mom... all therapy

special, train journeys, cute girls

Dated: June 4, 2010

- Yes, I feel special today

- Love these train journeys which ends in meeting parents :D

- cute lil girls excited about the upper berth of the train...nostalgic

Excited X 3

Dated: June 3, 2010

- Excited to see dad after a year!

- Excited about leaving Google!

- Excited about visiting Mumbai!