pool, wish, Vanilla Sky

Dated: July 24, 2010

- Pool Side and more :)

- How I wish!

- Sky looks phenomenal :D

coffee by the beach, day ends, stars

Dated: July 23, 2010

- well, Loved sipping coffee by the beach and yes it was raining too...

- nothing beats a hot water bath after a long tiring day...

- I can see stars here!

perfect drive, Wish, rain

Dated: July 22, 2010

- Loved the drive by the sea from the airport to the hotel- clean and green, rains and clouds, lakes, stream of water, palm tree, beautiful and bright houses

- wish you were here!

- rain over glass roof...

raindrops, bombay, bright light

Dated: July 22, 2010

- I love watching raindrops fall on glass...

- Bombay Rains- yay! I love Bombay

- bright light and rains- awesome combination!

yay!, uber perfect, how I wish

Dated: July 21, 2010

- yay! now m super thrilled about the place called GOA

- beautiful sky- perfect clouds and uber perfect colors

- wish you were here!

smile, Good night sleep, Hopeful

Dated: July 20, 2010

- perfect morning! smile on my face!

- good night sleep..how precious

- Hopeful! yes!

music in my ears, my post, goa!

Dated: July 19, 2010

- music in my phone is so awesome :D

- my new post - my comfort zone...

- looking forward to Goa Finally

inception, back home, cute

Dated: July 18, 2010

- Inception - brilliant!

- Drive back home is always sweet!

- :D cute

Soup, awww, :D

Dated: July 17, 2010

- Chicken soup for me!

- awwww

- :D

mornin, jalebiii, my comfort zone

Dated: July 16, 2010

- Good morning! thank you, I slept very well!

- Garam Jalebi and baarish..yummm

- my comfort zone!

Friday, :D, :)

Dated: July 16, 2010

- Good Friday, Happy Friday!

- Movie and Food with you :D

- drive back home! with you :)

day off, CP, Metal Bangles

Dated: July 15, 2010

- early day off Yay!

- I love Connaught Place. its perfect!

- my new metal bangles! How pretty!

rain and chai, Green, Dew Drops

Dated: July 14, 2010

- beautiful morning, rains and chai

- I absolutely love how green the city looks :D

- morning dew on yellow flowers- calming

new place, first win, sky

Dated: July 13, 2010

- Yay! My place is now perfectly located and is absolutely what I wanted! :)

-My first win, I guess!

- and it rained! sky looks amazing!

Delhi, Beautiful Sky, Rickshaw Ride

Dated: July 12, 2010

- Khushwant singh's Book Delhi- its good to know the history of a place that I adore so much!

- Oh how beautiful can this sky look. black clouds, rain, sunset...

- I loved the rickshaw ride back home. Cool breeze :D

morning glory, Absolute surety, waiting

Dated: July 11, 2010

- awesome morning.. perfect for me :)

- super sure about somethings in my life..

- waiting.. happily!

GNS, Priyas, Drive

Dated: July 10, 2010

- Good Night sleep

- Lalala Priyas...

- Drive back home, Kishore kumar in the background

happy friday, future, who else

Dated: July 9, 2010

- yay! its my happy friday :)

- looks like someone is conspiring for a better future for me..

- who else? you always manage to bring a smile to my face!

you too, feeling lucky, dew

Dated: July 8, 2010

- good morning to you too :D

- I am feeling very lucky these days! well, not without you though!

- dew drops on leaves! serene!

yay, GNS,. whoa

Dated: July 7, 2010

- Yay! who else :)

- good night sleep :)

- whoa! what was that!

grey, cute, monkey

Dated: July 6, 2010

- it is cloudy these days! love the color grey of the sky!

- awww, cutee message

- cute lil kid sitting like a monkey on his mom's shoulders and munching a cookie..he looked happy

day off, rain, rain droplets

Dated: July 5, 2010

- Chutti Yay!

- smell of rain!

- droplets of rain on the yellow flower...

Good morning, hmmm, whoa

Dated: July 4, 2010

- Well Good morning to you

- hmmm

- whoa! :P

good morning, bread omelette, Germany vs Argentina

Dated: July 3, 2010

- good morning :D

- bread omelette

- Germany vs Argentina

fool, movie, GNS

Dated: July 2, 2010

- yay! foool

- movie + food + you

- good night sleep

Yay!, loving it, work+shop

Dated: July 1, 2010

- yay! my first buy in :D

- loving it

- shopping at work

paycheck, recognized, hmmm

Dated: June 30, 2010

- my first paycheck

- effort gets recognized

- hmmmm...

30, proud daughter, mom dad

Dated: June 29, 2010

- 30 years

- m proud of you 2

- Happy anniversary mom dad

chappals, nexus one, touchwood

Dated: June 28, 2010

- loving my new chappals

- and love my nexus one

- lucky I am, touchwood

food, biryani, m excited

Dated: June 27, 2010

- nice food but not like didalu's

- biryani- i miss didalu

- m excited, very!

morning, shop, awesome movie

Dated: June 26, 2010

- perfect saturday morning

- would like to shop :D and I did

- The boy with striped pyajamas

happy happy, weekend, good night sleep

Dated: June 25, 2010

- m excited and very happy- feel like screaming from the top of a roof

- dear weekend, m glad you are back

- good night sleep!

day passes, busy life, how pretty

Dated: June 24, 2010

- the day passes without feeling miserable! :)

- life is busy and I dont mind it

- how pretty, you look awesome even now!

so proud, you, thanks

Dated: June 23, 2010

- Yay! m so proud

- flight lands and I see you

- Thank you for coming!

yellow, perfect, mumbai

Dated: June 22, 2010

- yellow umbrella

- everything is so perfect :D

- mumbai from the plane- looks busy yet beautiful

nostalgia, nice, rain

Dated: June 21, 2010

- Bombay office makes me nostalgic- how colorful

- nice meeting the chilled out people

- and more of bombay rains

juhu, mocha, hookah

Dated: June 20, 2010

- Juhu beach. love the happy faces and atmosphere

- Mocha

- Hookah is fun!

dida, yummy soup, rains

Dated: June 19, 2010

- seeing dida after a year- well almost

- yummy soup- she is the best cook.

- mumbai rains

m excited, bombay, didalu

Dated: June 18, 2010

- first day, new place, new experiences, m excited

- Yay! bombay

- Dida, here I come

will come back, ends into, yay!

Dated: June 17, 2010

- time to go back, ill come back

- train journey will end into, you know what!

- yay!

I heart, yes yes yes, band of brothers

Dated: June 16, 2010

- home is where the heart is

- yes, of course!

- band of brothers is a must watch

:D, you, molu

Dated: June 15, 2010

- things look prettier now :D

- what would I do without you

- and molu is back- how sweet!

yay!, ok?, rickshaw and rain

Dated: June 14, 2010

- yay! my vacation just got extended by three days :D

- will let you know ok? :P

- rickshaw ride with mom, rain

rain drops, chai, talk talk talk

Dated: June 13, 2010

- love to wake up with the sound of rain drops

- and then chai

- and then we talk...about everything and nothing

mommy, food, coccum-prawns

Dated: June 12, 2010

- My beautiful mommy!

- yummy food!

- loved the cocum curry prawns

floral mugs, blogger, song

Dated: June 11, 2010

- bought these new mugs with floral print- they are awesome!

- blogger.com

- beautiful song

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