Kabeer, Sunset :D finally :D

Dated : February 27, 2010

- Kabeer is a cutie

- Brilliant sunset :D

- finally !

wake up, watch movies, no work

Dated : February 26, 2010

- Wake up late

- Watch movies the whole day

- and of course no need to work :D
what else could I ask for?

week-end, plan B, maqbool

Dated : February 25, 2010

- Looking forward to the excellent weekend :D

- My plan B

- Maqbool :D

sky, last leg, what else

Dated : February 24, 2010

- brilliant sky :)

- last leg of winters :D

- What else :D

:D, micat, SKY

Dated : February 23, 2010

- Dil toh bachcha hai ji....


- the sky these days is just spell binding.

day ends, know thyself. well...

Dated : February 22, 2010

- day ends on a good note..

- self awarenesses almost a myth :P

- well... who else?

my last, kabeer, jane austen

Dated : February 21, 2010

- my last- pheww thank you...

- Kabeer. finally :D

- and Jane Austen continues :D

lazzzzy, jane austen weekend, :D

Dated: February 20, 2010

- well, a lazy lazy Saturday :d which I so longed for...

- Jane Austen weekend :D

- beautiful evening breeze and a cup of tea and some more :D

return of the anthem, a cloud, fav.

Dated: February 19, 2010

- and the anthem played for 8 hours today :D

- Emily Dickinson's Poem - A Cloud withdrew from the Sky

- my favourite part of the day, when I can just be myself and relax :)

nice day, jet lag :P, funny dog

Dated: February 18, 2010

- nice leisurely day

- a jet drawing a trail on the sky..looked like fire :P

- funny dog who was holding a cola bottle very close to him. why? :P

foggy, reading, another blog

Dated: February 17, 2010

- and the fog is back.. love the misty weather...

- I love blogs. I just love reading :D

- found another blog that I think I can follow!

call letter, all good, moon

Dated: February 16, 2010

- My first call letter :d m excited

- It is all good :D

- beautiful beautiful moon- sickle shaped :D thin line...

monday morning, sachin, tendulkar

Dated: February 15, 2010

- Monday is back and i am not sleepy. :P Thats new

- the miracle that Sachin Tendulkar is. :D

- Sachin Tendulkar- the world at his feet!

mommy+daughter, t-shirt, shopping

Dated: February 14, 2010

- cute lil kid walking with her mom. they were wearing the same t-shirt :D

- same same t-shirt for us...hee hee

- all good shopping..

yay!, chatting, bizzzzaaarrreee

Dated: February 13, 2010

- yay! Archa is here!

- non stop chatting :)

- bizzzare.. :P

delhi rains, walking.., and

Dated: February 12, 2010

- it rained :)

- walking in the rain...

- and ...

happy birthday, white rose, :P

Dated: February 11, 2010

- happy budday :D :D

- most beautiful white rose :D

- meri tayyari :P

email thread, my first year, anxious

Dated: February 10, 2010

- well all nice poems and that particular email thread :D

- My first year :D

- all anxious :P

feeling good, lovely weather, very good

Dated: February 9, 2010

- feeling good about myself today :D

- nice and lovely weather- cloudy and rainy :D

- feeling definitely good about myself :D

blue, delhi, end

Dated: February 8, 2010

- beautiful blue flowers. P.S they are wild :)

- delhi rains.. the smell of rain :D

- perfect end to an ok-ish day :) life is good :D

:D, sleep, waiting

Dated: February 7, 2010

- my dearest friend forever :D

- sleep like a baby after lunch

- waiting :P

yay!, :P, my good night sleep

Dated: February 6, 2010

- yay!

- how we watched couples retreat :P (horrible movie btw)

- a very good night sleep :)

anticipation, weekend :D, trees+bulbs

Dated: February 5, 2010

- anticipation

- weekend is here which i so look forward to :D

- i love trees decorated with tiny bulbs and lights

phew, impromptu, flower shopping

Dated: February 4, 2010

- phew.. some relief :D

- impromptu plans and nice lil luncheon :)

- flower shopping yay!

convoy, cutie doggie, cc effect

Dated: February 3, 2010

- Indian air force convoy- looked powerful and strong :D

- well, this cute lil dog that was playing with mom. I miss tobu :(

- the call center effect which i so lovee

b c d, yay! excited,

Dated: February 2, 2010

- Plan B, C, D ... all ready :P

- love the excitement :D

- looks like the world is conspiring for a great future for me :D

very lucky :), all good, cribbing :D

Dated: February 1, 2010

- I am feeling very lucky :D

- All good :D

- no more cribbing :D