new book, rain, breezy

Dated: April 15, 2010

- New book by Fatima Bhutto, excited

- It rained: D

- Love the breeze: D

moon, amaltas, beginnning

Dated: April 14, 2010

- Beautiful moon and clouds barely covering it.

- Amaltas season is back and I am overjoyed :)

- Looks like I may have a new beginning soon

chutti, peach, so funny

Dated: April 13, 2010

- Chutti! Yay!

- I got peach flavoured Ice Tea. yummy!

- Ha ha.. so funny

better, read up, you

Dated : April 12, 2010

- I slept like a baby after feeling awful the whole day and m better

- Will read the night away :D

- Well! make me smile always

good night sleep, best moment, timelss classic

Dated : April 11, 2010

- Good night sleep and wake up equally happy :D

- best
moment of the day :D 1 pm

- DDLJ is timeless- how much I enjoy wat
ching this movie

saturday mornings, whoa!, good fun

Dated : April 10, 2010

- I love Saturday mornings :D you know why!

- whoa!

- good fun tonight as well, nice to meet nice people!

no work, who else, smart ass

Dated : April 9, 2010

- Yay! No work- taking the day off

- Well, who else :D

- I love all your smart ass comments :P

wonderful start, yoga is back, fun

Dated : April 8, 2010

- What a wonderful start to the day, overwhelmed :D Thank you sweetie!

- I started going for my yoga classes today, once again. What a wonderful feeling!

- What fun at dinner today- I will surely miss all these people

hectic, more, baby sleep

Dated : April 7, 2010

- A super hectic day comes to end :)

- more and more :D

- sleep like a baby :D

sun, room, clouds

Dated : April 6, 2010

- I saw the sun like a beautiful light yellow colored spot. How beautiful.

- I don't like anything more than my room on the face of this earth :P

- Clouds overlooking my window :)

dearest friend, home cooked food, sleep zzz

Dated : April 5, 2010

- Monday is a little better as Gayatri Mathur is back. She is my dearest friend :)

- Nice home cooked food :)

- Sleep zzzzzzzz

you fool, :D, peace

Dated : April 4, 2010

- Stop dreaming you fool; P

- :D

- at peace with life right now, have been fighting forever

:P. molu, cooking

Dated : April 3, 2010

- pamper pamper and more pampering :D

- molu, jaldi aao, mujhe kashmir jana hai :D

- I cook pretty well now, thats an accomplishment :D

whoa, good night sleep, my best

Dated : April 2, 2010

- whoa!

- good night sleep :)

- my best

done, zzzzz, stop smiling

Dated : April 1, 2010

- I am done with work, almost looked unbelievable :D

- Sleeping after 14 hours of work- can anything be more beautiful

- I still can't stop smiling thinking about the weekend. yay!

Paycheck, Good things, week/weekend

Dated : March 31, 2010

- Paycheck looks good :D

- Good things in life :D

- Short week and long weekend :D

delhi won yay!, you, good night

Dated : March 30, 2010

- And back home after delhi's Victory :D

- How I love the expression on your face when in a cricket stadium :)

- good night sleep :)

home, cuteness, well

Dated : March 29, 2010

- Back Home, with mom

- looking at mom leave and I feel sad, but dad is happy and so is she, cuteness :)

- Well, finally :)

chai and maggi, books, dirty Dog

Dated : March 28, 2010

- Somewhere is kaathgodam, a nice quiet dhaba, very few people, right by the side of a pahari, and some chai and maggi and of course mom

- found some books by shivani nani for ma. she was so happy :D

- as we wait in the waiting room, a cute dirty dog comes and sits with us. The room was for only First Class AC passengers. This can only happen in India :P

Garurd tal, Buraansh, saat tal

Dated : March 27, 2010

- garurd tal- first sight and m floored.

- buraansh phool- aur shivani nani ki kahaniyan :)

- boat ride in the saat tal with ma- she is so beautiful and so is the ride :)

bucket list, thandi sadak, chai/mom/lake

Dated : March 26, 2010

- one strike from the bucket list.. to go on a trip with my dearest mom, all by ourselves :D

- walk on the thandi sadak :D

- how i enjoy my chai and chane with my mom by the lake :D

sunrise, naini jheel, flowers

Dated : March 25, 2010

- Early morning sunrise on our way from Kathgodam to Naini :) I still smile at the thought of that sight :D

- First look of the beautiful lake (naini jheel) - sea green water in the shape of an eye :)

- Well, beautiful flowers at the Naina Devi Mandir :D

first solo trip, mid night chai, break

Dated : March 24, 2010

- all the excitement for my first solo trip with mom :)

- Mid night chai at comesome :D

- much needed break