Documentary, Familia, Retail therapy

Dated: July 1, 2012

- Documentary Day
- Time well spent with familia!
-Retail Therapy!

rainbow, nariman point, koylas!

Dated: June 30, 2012
- i saw a full rainbow! yay! instant cheer!
- nariman point and the sunset! and the breeze and the mumbai skyline..
- awesome food with awesome people and equally awesome place.. Koylas in Colaba..

32, vortex, chai and books!

Dated: June 29, 2012
- 32 years together and strong.. happy anniversary mom & dad
- vortex! nice play! 
- late night chai and books.. i really don't care about anything else..

rang sharda, fed, clear glass

Dated: June 28, 2012
- breezy evening with friends in Rang Sharda! very simple yet elegant and quite! old world feel..
- what a match! nail biting.. But the king and his tyranny prevails..
- the sight of water splashing on clear glass.. non stop.. its quite intriguing!

rise and shine! headphones, maintain!

Dated: June 27, 2012
- what a beautiful morning! you sleep well, you feel well!
- my awesome noise cancelling headphones! i really don't like noise!
- my focus and my determination is now reaching new levels, both in personal and professional lives! just need to maintain it!

break, sleep time, smiling

Dated: June 26, 2012
- much needed break!
- sleep time = rejuvenation!
- can't help smile on what you said!!

hobby, best, 26/11

Dated: June 26, 2012
- day dreaming.. does that count as a hobby!
- my best, who always makes me smile, no matter what!!
- awesome documentary on 26/11 mumbai attacks! good direction!

sound, chai, happy results

Dated: June 25, 2012
- i love it when I wake up to the sound of rains!
- garam garam chai! early in the morning.. 
- visible results! so excited!

skype, 1984, sports!

Dated: June 24, 2012
- skype skype skype
- this book called 1984! good stuff!
-unbelievable day for sports! but that's what keeps the thrill alive!

GOW, Dinner time, coldplay

Dated: June 23, 2012
- gangs of wasseypur is a brilliant brilliant movie!
- awesome dinner with family.. my fav people!
- some mid night music to end an awesome day! Good ol coldplay...

flowers, baarish, TGIF

Dated: June 22, 2012
- pink and yellow flowers! I adopted 2 plants today which had pink and yellow flowers!
- baarish! although rains really kill the traffic and there are other problems, but nothing beats the smell of rain on the soil

molu, purple flowers, nostalgia

Dated: June 21, 2012
- yay! molu is here!
- tree completely covered with purple trees. gorgeous!
- non stop chatting about childhood memories.. good fun!

bro, evening, monkey boy

Dated: June 20, 2012
- waiting for my dearest brother.. 
- what a beautiful evening.. sun setting making the sky orange complimented by the cool breeze!
- haha.. monkey boy, you always make me smile!