work done, people, shopping

Dated: August 27, 2009

- work done :) and fairly well done :)

- some good people around me and that's really a surprise cause I don't expect it at all!

- Shopping yay! Nothing beats retail therapy!

lil girl, something new, bikes

Dated: August 26, 2009

- cute lil girl in my lift who was crying as she didn't wanna go to school. I could relate to her :)

- In video ads. Loved it. something new :)

- 2 kids racing with their bikes in the apartment. Nostalgic!

piggy, funny people, :)

Dated: August 25, 2009

- cute lil piglets running around with mommy pig!

- Nice laugh with my super funny friends in office. Yes, these are the people who still make me drag my sorry ass to the office :P

- You :)

orchids, lighter, evening breeze :D

Dated: August 24, 2009

- Beautiful Pink and Yellow orchids :) Very Very beautiful

- Well, a kg lighter :)

- Evening Breeze :D

:D, Perfect Sunrise, Plan B Yay!

Dated: August 23, 2009

- :D

- Perfect Sunrise! I was up at around 4:17 am and witnessed a beautiful sunrise after a long long time :)

- Plan B will work. It just solidifies everyday :D

slept the whole day, Reading, Classes

Dated: August 22, 2009

- I slept the whole day! almost for 12 hours. Much MUCH needed sleep :D

- Reading Jane Austen :D

- My favourite time of the day :D Yoga :D

Graffiti, New Green Leaves, perfection

Dated: August 21, 2009

- Graffiti is back and so am I :D

- I love new green leaves. :D I find them very very innocent !

- My work done- with perfection - I love perfection :D

clouds+sky, benetton, pink lilies

Dated: August 20, 2009

- Beautiful clouds along with awesome sky! orange, blue, silver, white, grey :D

- United Colors Of Benetton. All cool t-shirts and awesome sale!

- Pink Lilies :D

Plan B, Google Notebook, Yellow Bag

Dated: August 19, 2009

- On time everything, as planned. Cheers to Plan B.

- My Google Notebook!

- My new yellow bag :D yay! FabIndia

yay, sucky people, easy going convos

Dated: August 18, 2009

- yay! YAY!

- meeting suckier people everyday makes me realize how good i am :P

- long nice easy going conversations where I speak my mind out, feels very good especially after a sucky day. I can't believe I spend 1/3rd of my life everyday in the suckiest place ever. I still am sane is what amazes me!

phone call, optimism, smiles

Dated: August 17, 2009

- phone call :D :D

- optimism- Weird unrealistic optimism!

- some good people around me who makes me smile!

morning glory, The Hindu, 1 Month

Dated: August 16, 2009

- What a morning! First pa woke me up. Then 42:16 of constant yapping :D, My classes got canceled and then it rained.

- My favourite morning ritual - Somebody brews tea for me and I sit by the the window and read newspaper (my fav- The Hindu) Perfect!

- Mid night tea. I made tea after ages and it was pretty good. Then, I chit chatted as usual and now m just writing this blog post- Writing this makes me realize- just another month and I have so much to look forward too. 1 month. Only.

lazy, M&S, Good Fun!

Dated: August 15, 2009

- Nice and Slow, lazy saturday where I did absolutely nothing. :D

- Awesome perfume at Marks and Spencer- China's Blue :D

- Had a good laugh at the movies :D Good fun :D

Kabbu, Golu, Rain :D

Dated: August 13, 2009

- Kabeeer, oh how cute, Would bring his basket of toys and throw it all on himself and then squeak like a cute monkey :D

- Kabeer again- he is so naughty, will collect every single key from the house and hide it in his scooter basket. He thinks nobody knows, he he.

- Oh it rained finally :D and both Kabeer and I stood there near the window enjoying every bit of cool breeze with the perfect smell of rain :D

Call, early, lily

Dated: August 12, 2009

- Yay! Call :D

- Left early - what a relief!

- Beautiful pink lilies :D

evening sky, moon, to do list

Dated: August 11, 2009

- What a beautiful evening sky! It rained :)

- And an equally beautiful moon.

- My to do list had nothing on it by the end of the day! Nothing felt better. Awful two days came to an end :)

calculations done, mummmaaa, sunset

Dated: August 10, 2009

- All calculations done, all figured out. Phew! Looks good :D

- Mummaa October 10 :D yayayay! Something to look forward too :D

- On my way back home, I witnessed one of the most different looking sunset. The sky was already dark blue and the sun was light yellow in color. A big light yellow colored spot. It looked shy and mellow to me :D

cute lil girl, money plant, Archaaaaaa

Dated: August 9, 2009

- Cute lil girl in my apartment who was super excited about her new RC car. She was jumping around in the lift. :D

- I love money plant. So simple and common, yet so beautiful.

- Archaaaaaaaa Yay! Congrats. I knew it :D

lazy, chitter-chatter, yoga

Dated: August 8, 2009

- Nice Lazy Saturday

- Chit chat till early morning :D

- My new yoga classes- very peaceful :D

short week, toba, weekend

Dated: August 7, 2009

- I love shorter weeks. And what a relief, cause this place sucks more and more every single day!

- Toba Tek Singh- My all time best :D

- WeekEnd again :D

Pink flowers, fabindia, Archa

Dated: August 6, 2009

- Awesome pink flowers on the dividers. I saw the while going to office today. Very pink and beautiful . :D

- Well very cool bag, yellow in color from Fab :D

- I was talking to Archa and it felt nice! :)

Day off, Live Messenger, :D

Dated: August 5, 2009

- Day Off. What a break from the sucky place :D

- Windows Live Messenger :D

- I am in this place in my life , that I would like to describe as a happy place, very! Although nothing is certain. Nothing! :D

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Mohit Chauhan, Evening Moon

Dated: August 4, 2009

- Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and his brilliant voice :D

- Mohit Chauhan's song, Dooriyan :)

- Moon- Love it :D

optimism, lyrics, surprise

Dated: August 3, 2009

- I feel very optimistic about everything :D

- Half The Man I used To be :D Awesome lyrics- genius genius :)

- Nice surprise at work! Beat that!

:D, Midnight coffee, Rain

Dated: August 2, 2009

- Very Happy, almost elated. Hope I improve- will make sure about that :D

- Midnight coffee at Priya's with two very sweet people :D

- Very pleasant surprise. 1:00 am, I am reading and I smell rain :) Went to my balcony and it was pouring. wished me good night :)