Dream, lunch, cooking

Dated: April 30, 2009

- Dream- I never dream or as some people like to put it I don't remember it. But this one I remember pretty well and it made me smile!

- Lunch with friends :) Funnnnn! cause it had been really long!

- I cooked! well that's news :P

back to work,purple, out!

Dated: April 29, 2009

- a friend back to work after some illness. I was happy! I am sure she was too!

- purple lantana flowers on green hedge. Perfect combination!

- evening out! always feels better to go out for some casual dinner after a long tiring day at work!

Nostalgia, Out of nowhere, Truth

Dated: April 28, 2009

- a song from Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar. I remember my sister and her friends perform on this song as kids. Reminded me of school! Very Nostalgic!

- a stretch of barren and rocky ridge area which had nothing but dried up brown bushes! however, there was this lucky bougainvillea bush (pink in color) out of nowhere!

- Finally the truth :)

:), email, molu again

Dated: April 27, 2009

- getting hold of my life- a lil bit :)

- one email that made my day :)

- he playing his guitar!

molu, molu, bricks

Dated: April 26, 2009

- Molu in town yay! yay!

- molu singing songs all day long! I realized how I missed him!

- bricks- i like organized and neatly ordered stuff!

12 hours, shopping yay!, long convo

Dated: April 25, 2009

- Slept for over 12 hours! much needed. felt so much better!

- Shopped for my bro! made me super happy!

- Another long conversation! I thought would be uncomfortable, but it wasn't! It never is! :)

friday, 8 hours, long long chat

Dated: April 24, 2009

- Friday! never been happier. Dreadful week comes to an end!

- 8 hours of working only! finally I completed my work within my 8 working hours!

- chat with Archa! pouring my confusions out and actually getting a perspective! Thank you :)

order, specs, poemhunter

Dated: April 23, 2009

- a parking lot with only white cars. ordered and well arranged!

- finally got my specs fixed! for nearly 2 months, I wore broken specs! why? I apparently had no time to get them fixed! crap!

- poemhunter's daily poems- I get to read such awesome random stuff!

:P, mittwoch, cassia

Dated: April 22, 2009

- I realized how similar everything is in people's lives. So, if shit happens in yours, important thing to remember is you are not the only one suffering :P

-mittwoch, phew- 2 more days to the weekend. Scariest week so far!

- cassia tora !

status message book, 40 mins

Dated: April 21, 2009

- status message- well I don't know if I should like it or not :(

- My book :) Yay!

- I reached home in 40 mins. That's close to impossible usually. Lucky yesterday!

friend, mum, fire

Dated: April 20, 2009

- meeting my friend in office after a long time, the way she greeted me, felt very special : Thank you:)

- Mum online again! Finally :D

- Fire. Fascinates me always :)

Book & Letters, Lizards argh, work done

Dated: April 19, 2009

- book and 2 letters : I carry them always and i like reading it once in a while :)

- Lizards gone: Lizards are gone from my house! oh thank god!

- Work done: Got cooler for my room :) Yay! beat the heat!

samosa, kid, honesty

Dated: April 18, 2009

- Samosa- Eating out with her is always funner as for her it is not just eating. It is more than that! Really :P

- Kid- A kid in my train was fighting dust particles with his karate skills. Very cute :)

- Honesty- I always appreciate it, no matter what!

Nariman point, shopping, food

Dated: April 17, 2009

- Nariman point- very beautiful

- Street shopping :)

- food- awesome food in this awesome restaurant :)

report, look, shopping

Dated: April 16, 2009

- Normal report :) :)

- look on didi's face when we went chocolate shopping :D

- shopping- lipstick, mascara etc - yes very girly!

mum, clarity, day out

Dated: April 15, 2009

- My mommy strongest- hmmm what's next now?

- Clarity- :)

- Day out with didu, well it has been a long time we did all this.

monopoly, phone call, flowers

Dated: April 14, 2009

- monopoly again :D

- ummm, phone call!

- Red flowers on a bush in the nearby garden

Monopoly, auto ride, walk

Dated: April 13, 2009

- Monopoly :) Oh so nostalgic and then all the smart assery that we did. loads of fun

- Auto ride to Uberoi's mall- painful yet beautiful- not sure.

- Walk


Dated: April 12, 2009

- purple lantana flowers :) how beautiful.

- ?

- ?

A day wasted!

Salt Cultivation, Boats, Dida

Dated: April 10, 2009

- Salt Cultivation: Heaps of white on brown soil covered in water. It felt like seeing a huge sea with ice bergs in between.

- Boats: Wooden boats in rows along the banks of some river.

- Dida- I saw her after a long time and she looked super hot! :D

Railtracks, Sunset, Conflagration

Dated: April 9, 2009

-Railtracks- watching railtracks from a moving train has always fascinated me. Symmetry and Intersections- love it :)

- Sunset- today sun was not really in the mood to set! was as bright as noon.

-Conflagration- This is the closest that I have come to a forest fire. Although destruvtive, it looks awfully beautiful.

hailstorm, sky, GnR

Dated: April 8, 2009

- hailstorm! whoa, nostalgic. and just like before, i wanted to collect them, in a small container and keep them with me hoping it will stay forever!

- blue cloud laden sky on one side and orange blue sky on the other side- Are you kidding me?

- Knocking on heaven's door- have heard this song some zillion times, but what was amazing was the surprise element!

a month, finally, rain & Clouds

Dated: April 7, 2009

- 1 month :D

- Things falling into place :)

- rain and blue clouds :P

Papa, 3 Days, work done

Dated: April 6, 2009

- phone conversation with my mom and she told me how my dad has been troubling her and pulling her leg! Cute :)

- 3 more days and I will be on my way! Yay! m super excited :) :D

- Finally got that connection. Nothing great about that mobile subscription. but a work done is something that I always like.

friend, memories, Archa

Dated: April 5, 2009

- my friend who told me the sweetest thing ever in the morning. made my day!

- memories- every time someone talks about their dog, memories keep rushing back to me. Well, it is a mixed feeling but surely beautiful!

- my friend Archa- she is simply adorable! Was going through some old pics and was nostalgic. Remembered how we had so much fun in a world of our own!

shopping, park, breeze

Dated: April 4, 2009

- shopping yay! had so much fun with my friend, especially after a crappy night.

- a very bright and colorful children's park in the middle of m block market. happy faces :)

- evening breeze.

Happy, Reading, Dylan

Dated: April 3, 2009

- My mom's voice. She sounded happy :)

- Weighing Machine reading- showed that I lost 1 kg. :D

- Bob Dylan and his voice. You have good, better, best and then comes Bob Dylan!

sunset, purple, conversation

Dated: April 2, 2009

- Sunset- i love clouds and sun together. Awesome couple.

- one purple tree. This tree has no leaves- only purple flowers and it is so beautiful. Stands tall and proud amongst all the greens. This is on the MG Road.

- long conversation with a friend. I like talking :P and its easy with this friend. No judgements and explanations, just comfort!