afternoon sky, night sky, doggie

Dated: February 28, 2009

- afternoon sky was breathtaking. It was blue with a hint of gold. a line of very light grey clouds competing with the gold. Nobody wins though.

- coming down from the stairs of a chinese restaurant, the security guard open the door for me and I see the most beautiful moon with the shiniest star. moon- sickle shaped, star- shaped :P Well they made it special.

- having a cup of tea with my friend, I see a dog which comes and sits on the mat spread by a man. Apparently that man had spread that mat for himself. But the dog went and sat as if it was just meant for him . Cute :)

AR Rahman, purple flowers, contrast,

Dated: February 27, 2009

- A R Rahman, singing Maa Tujhe Salaam. He is a genius. Morning starts with Rahman's music, what else could one ask for.

- I saw beautiful wild purple flowers on the walls of Hotel Claremont. Green and purple is a very good combination.

- A broken and tattered, old & grey building vs. the greenest healthiest tree with new leaves. Contrast!

work done, clouds, nests

Dated: February 26, 2009

- all files done and my queue looks manageable.

- clouds clouds and clouds!

- 2 nests on the tree right outside my balcony.

sparks, smoke, chat

Dated: February 25, 2009

- sparks flying from the construction area on MG Road. Imagine sparks agains black sky.

- smoke rings :)

- chat with a friend over the phone. Spoke my heart out!

red flowers, axe, tea

Dated: February 24, 2009

- red flowers on a tree. I forgot the name of flowers. They are boat-shaped.

- Wooden axe with carvings. My friend bought it for me.

- A cup of tea! After a really long day of work, it was the most awesome cup of tea :)

scoop, performance sheet, music

Dated: February 23, 2009

- Scoop! written by Kuldip Nayyar. It was fun reading about my country!

- My Performance sheet. Phew! I was scared this time but it was fine.

- A R Rahman's music in the song Luka Chuppi from the movie Rang de Basanti.

black puppy, night, lights

Dated: February 22, 2009

- black puppy in my colony, cute and lost!

- starless night, looked very quiet and rebellious, didn't really wanna show its stars :) I'll wait.

- lights. Somebody's wedding, lights everywhere. Looked best on trees though.

red chillies, wooden logs, white flowers

Dated : February 21, 2009

- red chillies! looked very beautiful in a basket!

- wooden logs in a pile! I almost saw all shades of brown!

- a tree in my colony which is now covered with white flowers.

squirrels, friend, water

Dated: February 20, 2009

- naughty squirrels running around in my balcony, early in the morning. I concluded they were playing hide and seek.

- my friend, she is very very cute :)

- water fountain outside my office. White water flows down to become blue water :) Splendid!

barbed wires, bougainvillea, green light

Dated: February 19, 2009

- barbed wires are so strong and brutal. and I like their color against the sky.

- pink bougainvillea, no shape, reckless and yet amazingly beautiful.

- when stuck in a jam, green light is the best sight!

break, Manto, Photo

Dated: February 18, 2009

- Much needed one day break, spent doing what I love doing most.

- Saadat hasan manto's short story, 'Colder Than Ice' which I read again.

- Tobu's picture, in my celphone :)

white stones, james hetfield [again:)], to do list

Dated: February 17, 2009

- white stones sold on the MG road, they look fabulous early in themorning!

- James Hetfield's voice in the song Mama said. I heard this today on my way to office. It almost works like coffee! Very refreshing!

- My to do list looks awesome. M done with everything I had to complete today! Yay!

green vegetables, broken building, bangles

Dated: February 16, 2009

- Green Vegetables, fresh and ummm green!

- an empty broken building on the chattarpur road, it looks like it was drunk and fell!

- colored bangles, pretty pretty!

aircraft, clean room, text message

Dated: February 15, 2009

- dark blue sky, wiff of white clouds, huge white aircraft. Magestic!

- My neat and clean room. I worked hard for it :P

- My mom's sms, early in the morning :)

star, firecrackers, internet

Dated: February 14, 2009

- one star in the sky, bright and confident!

- firecrackers, they looked so beautiful in the dark blue background.

- internet connection, finally!

bamboo trees, stacks of brick, dark night

Dated: February 13, 2009

- there is this park where bamboo trees are lined up, they have dull brown color now. :)

- neatly stacked red bricks, very beautiful

- the dark night, not even a single star visible

ship building, Voice, Flames

Dated: February 12, 2009

- DLF ship building, green

- Mohit Chauhan's voice in the song Khoon chala

- Colour of flame

mist, pink gladiolas, graffiti

Dated: February 11, 2009

- mist on the car windows, droplets of water.

- light pink gladiolas in the cafe.

- a graffiti on facebook, a man sitting with a guitar

morning, rain, moon

Dated : February 10, 2009

- well early morning- very fresh!

- Rain, I love rain . Yay!

- full moon, dull orange in color

brown rottweiler, sunset, white chair

Dated: February 9, 2009

- Very large, shiny brown rottweiler in my colony, huge structure for a dog yet chased by a 70 year old woman.

- sun setting from behind a cloud, it felt like a hide and seek moment.

- a lone white chair, very small and white, in the midst of different things like pots, containers etc. I relate to it! and the chair looked very happy!

empty house, happy faces, shadow

Dated: February 8, 2009

- my empty house with slightly bruised walls. 8 years in that house has been very trying for all of us!

- 2 little happy faces, happy to be moving out of the city which wasn't the best for them. They promised they'll be better now :)

- three of us in the empty house, all I noticed was our shadows and it looked beautiful. Very loyal, kept following me!

rocks, voice, clouds

Dated: February 7, 2009

- On my way to Hyderabad airport, we saw a stretch of rocks, light brown, dusty, standing tall, no matter what came!

- Scared and trembling voice. I love you! You need not worry.

- Imperfect, disorganised, white and very lucky clouds. I call them lucky as I wanted to be a cloud myself.

formals, friendship, pool

Dated: February 6, 2009

- looked awesome in formals, almost had a crush :)

- friendship indeed is beautiful and the one I saw (for a moment, it was visible) moved me.

- clear blue swimming pool, blue reflected confidence!

7 puppies, James Hetfield, Beta !

Dated: February 5, 2009

1. 7 puppies in my building who were cuddled up in the basement....

2. James Hetfield's voice...he is my favourite ! First song this morning, one by metallica.

3. Beta, one of the most amazingly friendly and loving dog that I met today! He was smiling, for sure.

a smile, Purana Quila, coffee beans

Dated: February 4, 2009

1. That perfect smile! Joy of my life, love you.

2. Purana quila in the midst of all the fog and covered by light blue sky.

3. Smell of coffee beans, fresh & strong . Love it!

Dew Drops, Dried Leaves, Mist

Dated: February 3, 2009

1. Dew drops on green leaves, pure and clean. It almost smiled at me.

2. Do you go out of your way to crush a dried leaf? I do! and it makes me smile :)

3. Every morning, I see this thick mist over River Yamuna! White and cloud like. I wish I could walk on it.